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Why Red Brangus?


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Red Brangus Cattle are a hearty breed for the Texas climates and based on the breeding  genetics of the breed, they develop quickly.  Red Brangus Cattle are disease resistant primarily due to their color and are less prone to suffer pink eye or sunburn.  The combination of the Brahman and Angus breeds drive the  quality, fertility, maternal aspects as well as milk producing abilities. The Red Brangus calves have shown to have solid birth weights averaging 70 to 75 pounds.  In addition the weaning weights are consistent.
Red Brangus are typically able to breed at about 14 months and calve at the end of their second year.  Although on an A/I program now,   based on information from other experienced breeders, bulls are able to begin production as early as 14 months.  Our program is in it's early stages of build out but we are excited to know that the longevity of both the cows and bulls is quite good.  Other breeders have experienced longevity with the ability to produce for longer periods over many other breeds.  Many femalesare still producing over 12 years based on the statistics.

Red Brangus are not the largest of cattle, with mature  typical females weighing in the range of 1,100 pounds and mature bulls weighing in the 2,000 pound range.  We chose the breed based on several factors, one of which was the red color.  Our operation has limited cover/shade and with the heat conditions we experience here in Texas,  this was a important consideration.  The cattle forage well under the harsh conditions and their disposition makes them a good choice for smaller ranch operations where resources are limited.  In addition, the natural polling of Red Brangus is another trait that makes them desirable.  The dehorning process is something we prefer not to tackle. We are a small operation looking to build for the future with commercial cattle but quality that can be competitive as we enjoy the competition of showing. 

At Crowell Cattle Company it is our goal to continue to produce high quality Red Brangus Cattle and bring others to see the quality of the breed. 


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